"Instant illumination rarely happens.
Your tiny revelations will seep in stitch by stitch. 
Rest the reaching."
- Victoria Erickson

Hi, I'm Victoria.

Most of my time is spent with words, as they have been my passion since I could hold a pencil. I find them to be fascinating- the way the sound, shape, and texture of words can move off a page and through the cells, weaving through ones veins, and circling to the heart.

I spent years writing for various blogs, local magazines, and newspapers on a variety of subjects, yet now write for myself, and help brands and beings with a specific style of editing. It is a form of paragraph surgery- injecting and molding creativity, story, depth, and life into their social media streams, speeches, wedding vows, and books.

I coach creative writing both in person and online, focusing on writing from the body, as well as how to layer, notice and play with rhythm, elements, and energy within a paragraph.

Artful writing is an illuminating exchange between writer and reader- a true form of time travel, and sweet source of magic.​

Having also held over a decade of experience in the holistic health industry, I believe in wildness and wellness. Everything I do stems from these two words, for they are the two words that make up a life filled with fuel, with wisdom, and with beauty.

When you're creating and choosing paths from a primally intuitive place, life can be wondrously free, fiery, energetic, and extraordinary. I know. Seems radical. But I promise, it's real.

My first book, Edge of Wonder, was released in the fall of 2015, and is available here: My second book, Rhythms & Roads, was released in the fall of 2016, and is available here:

Both of my books are also available at Barnes & Noble (both in stores and online) and can be ordered at any indie bookstore through Ingram distributing.

I also lead creative writing live events such as workshops, retreats and seminars, that I announce over my social media channels.

Remember, that it's beautiful to live in a body built for feeling, and live intensely on a planet exuding intensity.

  "She is a bright light for thousands of women walking the awakening path, and where her pen goes, we all follow, finding our own voice."

- Sarah Durham Wilson, Founder, Do It Girl
"Her words, enchanting, engaging, and enriching, are a dreaming reflection of endless, hopeful, and poignant. How is it possible to string the right sequence together and create her magic? It just is. I only want more."

- Carolyn Riker, Author of Blue Clouds
"Victoria's words are like soft bookends to the moments of our lives. They are weaved together with fresh truth, raw honesty, and the kind of beauty that comes with opening your eyes, for the first time, every time."

- Jessica Durivage-Kerrage, Founder,
Where is My Guru
"There's a softness, and an opening in her words. A permeability to the world, and her ever-present sense that this life is a balance between wanting and allowing."

- Brian Andreas, Author of Storypeople
"Victoria has a gift for evocatively transforming the ordinary into the sheer magic of poetic music, while bringing to life all the many nuances and shades of feeling."

- Susan Frybort, Author of Hope is a Traveler
“Thank you Victoria Erickson for hosting the most wonderful workshop last Saturday. Thanks also to the other participants, it was a pleasure hearing your soul stories.”

- Marsha Leidelmeyer
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