A few things I love to do

Wedding Vows.

I offer customized wedding vows, poetry, or poem research to find a selection of sayings that are personalized, perfect, and beautiful for weddings, events, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals or anything else you might be part of where words are needed to stir emotion.

​If you or someone you know is struggling to find the right words for your (or their) event or even if you might be saying a speech for something you care deeply about, contact me at for details and we'll work together to both set the tone and create goosebump inducing word magic so people can really feel it/you/everything.

Remember that writing is essentially music and music is what your person or crowd needs from you.

Private Creative Writing Coaching.

I coach creative writing both in person and online.  We can go as advanced or deep as you would like. My main focus is dedicated to the way your words connect to the audience. I will train you in depth on how to access your true voice by writing from your body instead of your brain. This will massively amplify your work with beautiful imagery, power, and grace. I do energy work throughout these sessions to ease you out of blocks and old stories regarding confidence to provide both freedom and a sense of ease in writing.  My coaching is very organic and personalized .I am here to encourage and induce your creative alchemy, and support your work wherever you decide to take it. We will jam pack the sessions with all kinds of inspiration, and you'll be writing immediately. Packages available.

Email me at for more info.

Creative Editing.

Creative editing: Artful writing is an illuminating exchange between writer and reader- a true form of time travel, sweet source of magic, and energy exchange. My method of creative editing is meticulous in nature as I am sensitive to every word and how it falls, flows, and carries the piece. I also pay close attention to rhythm, alliteration, connection, and the art of storytelling. Together, we will find the best system catered to your need.

Packages available. Email me at for more info.

Social Media Consultations.

Social media can be a confusing journey for writers and/or artists! I have organically built a large following on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and can teach you each one. They are necessary for business, connection, and and branding.

“A couple hours of coaching with Victoria felt like an angel helping me reconnect my voice and heart. Thank you Victoria, for teaching me to trust myself again.”

Darshana Patel