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When you remain in your own authentic rhythm and peace
you can exist and thrive as both a strong and tender thing simultaneously.
Like poetry. Or plants. Or breath,
moving through the body.
This is where your power lives.
Victoria Erickson
Writing as Alchemy

about me

Hi. I’m Victoria. I am an author, a dreamer, a poet, and a creative writing coach. I spend a lot of my time with words and people that love them. I believe in rhythm, movement, seeds, stillness, songs and storms, and my very favorite words are illumination, alchemy, divinity, sensitivity, wilderness, and wildness.

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my work

I am driven by the concept of life itself. All forms, feelings, avenues, aspects, patterns, and transitions. This is what I love to write about. My two books can be found here.

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Teaching writing is my second favorite thing to writing. I have a unique formula, and love to put my student on the edge. I want you to reach your highest creative potential with the written language and together, through techniques, artful prompts, energy work, and embodiment visualization, we will work to arrive there.

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work with me

If you would prefer to work with me privately, are getting married, or are lost in the social media stratosphere, I would love to be part of your writing journey.

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live events

My writing workshops are another form of storytelling, a call to dreams, a ceremonial gathering, an invitation to go deeper, and a place to learn, feel, and experience. They're also a place where together, we'll co-create a new world. A magical, alchemical one.

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