(Meaning Mermaid)

A creative writing class for women

“I must be a mermaid, Rango.I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living.”
Anais Nin

Dates to choose from:

Monday July 8th 5-7 central time 
Thursday July 11th 5-7 central time
Saturday July 13th 11-1 central time
Thursday July 18th 5-7 central time
Monday July 22nd 11-1 central time

(Recorded for those who cannot make it live)

This brand new offering is for the woman who is longing to go deeper.

Deeper into the oceans of spirit. Deeper into the creative realms. 

Deeper into the underworld.

Easing into the waters of life. 
Swimming through the emotions. 
Remembering pleasure. 
Releasing limitations. 
Becoming a vessel of intuition.
Softening into the nature of flow. 

Healing the feminine heart.

“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”

-Virginia Woolf

In this very special class I will be taking you on a journey into the archetype of the very special mermaid with themes that will reawaken something that has been shut down, closed in, and asleep, sometimes for many years.

As mythic creatures of the primordial ocean (unconscious), mermaids travel the generative waters of the ocean and onto its floor to touch the mysterious artifacts of memory and history. Then they rise again to use their beautiful voices. They are known for their rare and fantastic ability for shapeshifting transformation.

The water has a feminine spirit with its nourishment, rhythms, duality and mystical powers and we will be exploring so much of it in just two hours!

Writing MY WAY is not difficult  and we're going to be going over the usual principles of writing from the body, only with a more concentrated focus on this beautiful theme with focused poetry and affirmations to share with you as further fuel and inspiration.

I’ll guide you into the  type of creative writing that leaves no room for blocks, overthinking, or second guessing through lecture, open conversation, inspired dialogue and specialty prompts specifically designed to invoke imagination, daydream, a reawakening, and most importantly, memory. I promise when you can write from this space you can write anything, anywhere, at any time.

Release everything you’ve ever learned about writing. This is the way to do it fast, efficiently, simply, and WELL.

I teach in small, live, intimate groups over Zoom, which is the closest thing to it being in person.

Non writers are always welcome as I promise I will help you become a great writer far faster than you can imagine. 

“A mermaid is not frightened by her own duality. Come dance with your own inner paradox.”

-Margot Datz

A one time payment of $177


“The flow of energy and connections shared with each individual has made my heart burst with love and gratitude. I left inspired with my soul reinvigorated. It was incredibly special to witness the courage and fierceness of the written word erupt from the pages that bared the flow and stream of conscious thoughts.”

- Jori Frances Smith

"Thank you dear friend Victoria, for your awesome workshops. I’m happy we got to zoom up before the workshop started. You have a beautiful soul!!!!"

- Sarah Bowers

“So... in retrospect I have come to realize that the Writing Alchemy Weekend was my personal "Columbus Day" I embraced my impending journey and sailed courageously towards the brand new sunrise only to discover my true self.”

Mark Kennedy from Writing Alchemy with Victoria Erickson in Denver, Colorado
“ Slowing down to revel in meeting & experiencing the profound depth of Victoria Erickson. Pausing to feel the joy emerging from writing & circling with writers, kindred spirits speaking, listening, holding sacred space to invite hearts to crack open & unearth the reverent beauty of stories we all innately hold.”

- Meredith Kingsley Swim
“It was beautiful. I had wanted to be an attendee but we've lost one of our amazing staff so I was back at housekeeping (which I love). But I partook in nibblets of the weekend! I even felt OK sharing something I wrote on my maturing thoughts on God. Pretty cool.”

- Elaine Britten Bryant
“Thank you Victoria Erickson for hosting the most wonderful workshop last Saturday. Thanks also to the other participants, it was a pleasure hearing your soul stories.”

- Marsha Leidelmeyer

“Thank you for the inspiring, confidence-building workshop today. It was Brilliant!”

Jennifer Johnson
“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for Victoria Erickson for her amazing workshop last weekend. I’ve been doing a lot more writing since then and it feels amazing to be in the flow, express myself in such a raw yet fluid manner, and write from the soul again.”

- Ella Egan
“Thank you so much for an AMAZING workshop, loved every minute. You are such a beautiful person and so honored our paths have crossed. You are so inspirational and your glowing energy lights up the world.”

- Effie Zaikos

“Hi Victoria! Thank you so much for today's class... I have definitely felt a shift in perspective in approaching my writing practice. So grateful for the time spent and priceless Guidance from you. I look forward to sharing and in reading in this beautiful expression of the written word. In gratitude.”

Mona Saroya
“I'm not sure (yet), how to put into words, how liberating and empowering your workshop was. My kids were gone, and came home just as it finished, and I feel like I need a few hours to debrief myself. I am so inspired to uncover what is underneath the chaos above, that is waiting to be formed into words. It truly is alchemy, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity.”

- Andrea Rose

“So grateful to be here... what a beautiful class that was...
More to come ♥”

- Heidi Mason

“I gave myself such a delicious gift today... I participated in an online writing workshop led by the beautiful, talented, real and raw, writer and author, Victoria Erickson. It was so much of what I love: women gathering to write; laughing and crying as we shared our written words with each other; and being graced and expanded by the creative force that moves through us. Thank you, Victoria, for guiding us into those inner rivers and oceans.”

Megan Walrod

“Thank you Victoria! Your fire themed workshop was very powerful! Something opened up in me yesterday.”

- Jo Boniszewski
“I think you ARE my ultimate writing coach that I've been searching for my whole life. ‪#seriously - When is the next class you're having bc if it fits with my schedule - I'm there in a heartbeat. You are the heartbeat that's facilitating the rhythm of my soul into a Word master. Honored to have you in my life!!!”

- Trinidad De Luz

“That was an incredible experience. Thank you.”

Jennifer Tam

“Victoria, you’re a beautiful, talented, and inspirational figure. Your mind and soul reach beyond surface level. I know I’m on the right path. I look forward to continuing more work with you in the future.”

- Ryan Drewes
“Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for your encouragement, wisdom, and insight today. I’m really encouraged and “fired” up!! I look forward to connecting and being inspired. Thanks again for your beautiful energy and generous spirit.”

- Amy Folk

“You’re so beautiful, thank you for you. Thank you for stepping into this teacher/guide role. I received so much!”

Anabel Vizcarra

“I have always found writing to be healing.  Victoria Erickson helped me to understand the extent of healing that can occur with pen to paper and using the voice. Now, I am using writing as a healing tool in therapy. My clients amaze me with the healing they are doing.”

- Angel Nelson from Wanderjourneys Peru creative writing & yoga retreat

"Your class was catharic-kind-generous, and sacred. Thank you. I’ve dreamt of saying I’m a writer for a long time dear. Now i can say I’m a writer"

- Kindra Keener

"Thank you for an incredible workshop and all of your thoughtful prompts, opinions, ideas, tips, and inspiration!"

- Anna Grabowski

"Thank you so much for the amazing workshop on Saturday! It was so much fun!"

- Audrey Wojciechowski

"Deep in ceremony tonight, writing across the globe with some truly talented women. Thank you Victoria Erickson for creating such a sacred space for us to share our stories."

- Laura Beckingham

"Its been two months since discovering words in this way for the first time. Thank you Victoria Erickson.
95 pieces, and the words just keep on flowing. Every day, it feels like magic.
Sometimes I write from a place of pain, sometimes intense joy, sometimes i just play. Always open and listening to what wants to be written.
Often times the words are from another time, and quite often they don’t seem to be about me. But it’s always, always felt. Deeply. Written intuitively. From and through my body."

- Jo Boniszewski

"​Just finished Victoria’s writing workshop. Thank you Victoria. I love me some Victoria Erickson! Such an accepting, loving, healing presence in this world"

- Jennifer Johnson

"I’ll say it again here, where everyone can see. Your gift Victoria is enabling us to access the power from within. Thank you"

- Donna Cooper

"Sharing ideas and writings was truly enlightening and empowering. Thank you Victoria, for your time and passion for writing, and opportunity to learn and open up. The freedom was incredible."

- Charlie Alfortish

"Thank you to my sweet friend Victoria Erickson for pulling me out of my writer's block. When I finish this book, it will be because of this woman who pushes me past my limits, in the best ways possible."

- Lillie Duncan

"Hi Victoria, and fellow workshop participants. What a lovely workshop. I so appreciated your generosity in sharing your wisdom, Victoria. And for your bravery in sharing your writing, fellow writers. I am inspired to continue writing. And for some reason, I feel that I have broken down some fear barrier. I'm looking forward to your next workshop. This totally shattered my expectation of writing alongside others in a timed experience. So happy I made the commitment to join."

- Janet Ellis

"Thank you Victoria, You changed a lot for me. Taught me how to listen and feel into myself and others differently. Just being around you and of course through your teachings"

- Iknoor Gill

"I just finished my first workshop with Victoria. Delicious soul food folks!!! Cheers to following our bliss!"

- Brooke Carlson

"In Victoria's Denver Writing Alchemy Weekend I was so utterly moved by such an amazing gathering of beautiful souls. We had a spectacular night of readings, music, and "sharing the love" upstairs in the ballroom. Thank you to everyone for making it happen."

- Mark Kennedy

"I was reflecting on how powerful this workshop was and how the space you hold creates such freedom and opening. I feel super surprised that there is actually a "story" inside me that was starting to be written in the last couple hours.. and I feel super excited about writing more...thank you Victoria!! And everyone else in the workshop for your deep inspiration."

- Ruchi Jain

"Dear dear Victoria, you generous beautiful soul... I am changed, altered forever from this workshop with you this morning... turned 2 small potential degrees more into my core. How can I thank you?

- Sara Catena

"Spent some time with a dear friend reflecting. We talked about me writing again and I HAD to talk about Victoria. My friend said the difference was deep, dramatic and beautiful.

Victoria, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my true voice. I know you'll say it has always been there and I needed only to bring it out.

What has come since that first workshop in October flows and is so organic. One more time... Thank you! See you Sunday.

- Charlie Alfortish

"Victoria Erickson always an activation of sorts, every time! Thank you so much for being beautiful you and for sharing your gifts with us. Such blessing!"

- Mona Sayora

"Hi Ladies - I just did the Creative Muse online workshop Sunday 4th November - For me it was Sydney time 6 am...
I was up early today and looked at a beautiful photo that a friend shared and this is what I wrote...
After the timed prompts - I literaly wrote this 5 mins... Again Victoria Erickson I have to say I have procrastinaged with my writing for ages...
And now I can write something like this in 5 mins just blows my mind!
You are right I think this is going to be addictive :)"

- Maria Therase Cucinotta
"My soul is asking for a larger notebook to catch the gushing urged wordery that is pouring forth from my source at any moment of the day and night... It's a roaring literary rampage"

- Sara Catena

"Life changing workshops with writer Victoria Erickson. Will get your writing flowing, your stories held deep within your cells... such wisdom we hold in our body! I have not stopped writing since my first workshop last August. There is no "setting my mind to it". It just is. There. In every moment. Magic appears. Surprising yourself. Putting a smile on your face. Intrigue were some of these stories come from. If you are ready to take a dive deep into yourself with loving supportive people... this is it! Fun, loving, caring, writing circles. Can't wait to connect."

- Marsha Leidelmeyer

"Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday. It was wonderful. You are so wise and everything you say is so eloquent and powerful. You truly have a gift"

- Kristen Perry

"That was incredible. The specific prompts she used went straight in and brought out so much. Victoria's workshops are the perfect jam to clear your mind and soul. I know I have a book to write."

- Malia Scott

"That was such a great two hours. I wrote pages and pages and have so much information. I knew it was the right thing to do as soon as I saw it. Thank you!"

- Jackie Puntoriero

"I'm grateful that my road crossed yours. Your workshops really are inspiring and make me more brave, that I should and can use both brain and heart. Thanks again!"

- Ulrika Nilsen Biel

"Thank you Victoria Erickson for this afternoon. No hyperbole when I say that that workshop was life changing!"

- Jennifer Goodine

“The connection is so sweet and supportive in the workshops! I’m amazed each time. Thank you for providing the space and encouragement for our flow. It’s incredibly blissful.”

- Krystal Ramsey

"Stunning session as always. Grateful for the teaching, the allowing, and the earthing.

- Laura Beckingham

“Victoria, thank you again for the incredible creative writing experience. It was excellent practice, great to get out of my comfort zone, and I really appreciated your perspective that writing is an energy exchange. That perspective will really fuel me.”

- Jill Yanch

"A few of my yoga students asked about Victoria when I read her poem and I told them of her magic and the magic in the writing community she has created. Blessed to know everyone in it."

- Jennifer Goodine

"Thank you for the absolutely wonderful workshop on Saturday. It was a lovely open safe place with positive energy galore!"

- Shruthi Krishnaswamy

"That was absolutely exquisite. Thank you Victoria, you have blown many, many, many things out of the water for me the last few days since your fiction workshop that I had not known how to step into. You have a beautiful gift! Heaps of beautiful appreciation."

- Marci Lebowitz

“I’ve never been a joiner. I don’t follow groups or do workshops. I’m usually the leader. But I took a chance and joined a creative writing workshop by Victoria Erickson, and it was a group of women. Gasp-their strong, powerful, and commanding words broke me up and made me whole again. Thank you courageous women, for sharing yourselves with me and making my Sunday way more magical.”

- Danielle Cunningham

"Loved Victoria's fiction workshop. It was such a pleasure to learn new creative writing strategies and be in the presence of true talent!"

- Ashley Ventrone Quigley

“Just finished my first live writing workshop with Victoria. Oh my wow! It was powerful. It was magical. She has such a gift for writing and teaching, helping us understand how we can be the best artists and creators ourselves, to really move people. This just comes naturally to her, teaching writing. I am proud and happy to say that I went places I’ve never been before with my writing! It was elegant, touching and beautiful, and everyone was so nurturing and supportive.” 

- Cynthia Zuber

“Thank you Victoria for today. It was wonderful and magical. I enjoyed your words and those of the other participants. Was very special!”

- Barbara Clare

“Wow! That was such a beautiful workshop Victoria!! Thank you for providing such a great space to expand, and explode… so incredibly soul filling!!”

- Krystal Ramsey
“That workshop rocked my writing world. SO good, Victoria. Such sacred space you held for us. Such wisdom in your guidance and support of the creative process. Such incredible souls who bared them to each other. The energy and flow were powerful. Whew!”

- Carolyn Brown

“Victoria Erickson thank you for the space and the call today. I I have been immersed in my own creative and healing journey for eons, yet today it felt like my ‘artistic’ virginity was revealed and engaged within this group! I am both delighted and humbled.”

- Ange Arbuckle

“It was so lovely to be a part of today’s workshop - to listen to and feel your heart felt words.
Victoria Erickson, thank you so much for the magic you help us create. My heart is full.”

- Leeanne Miller Hines

“Those moments in your workshops where we’re all writing are so special. A silent, soulful, intimate - yet deeply connected presence. Sometimes rather than write, I just want to sit and feel that potent, magical energy; it’s so thick that even across the miles, and time zones we could touch it. It feeds the work so richly. Delicious x”

- Laura Beckingham

Thank you for the AMAZING creative heart opening experience. It was such a deep joy for me to be back in one of your workshops, Victoria. Thank you for creating such a magical space where our truth can flow through us, writing what needs to be written. I feel blessed."

- Jo Boniszewski

Previous Workshops

The Flame
"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."

The Wave
"To understand water is to understand the cosmos,the marvels of nature, and life itself."

-Masaru Emto
The Beginning
“Release the words between caged ribs. Let them burn from the bones out. Bow to the fire of feeling. Be ravaged for a small time. The sky will know when to rain.”
-Victoria Erickson

The Story
"“We tell and take in stories as much as we sleep and even then we dream. Why? Why is so much of our life spent inside of stories? Because stories are equipment for living.”"
--Robert Mckee
Creative Muse
"Move the light out from your bones and carve your own sun into the sky. Rearrange the tired rules. Revive.”

- Victoria Erickson
Social Media
"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic."-

Seth Godin
“If we surrendered to the earth’s intelligence, we would rise up rooted, like trees.”

Rainer Maria Rilke
"Everything you can imagine is real."

- Pablo Picasso
“Nostalgia. It’s delicate yet potent. It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone. It is a carousel. It let’s us travel the way a child travels- around and around and back again, to a place we know where we know we are loved.”

Mad Men

"Give up all the worlds except the one to which you belong."

- David Whyte